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Every year we start our trail rides at the end of May. Start an amazing adventure you will never forget.
Just a 5-minute drive west of Stony Plain AB Canada 

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At Baconranch we have something for everyone. Premium and organic meat, Trail rides, Pony rides, Wagon and Sleigh rides, Ranch treasure hunts, Farm tours, BBQ’s, Birthday Parties, Summer Camps, Celebrations and so much more…

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We offer a wide range of horseback, wagon, and sleigh rides, ranch adventures, BBQs, and events.

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There is no better way to spend a beautiful day than by horseback riding in the great outdoors. The wind in your hair, the reins in your hand, the indescribable connection you feel with your horse; it is truly a wonderful experience. If you’re ready to go on an entertaining and relaxing riding adventure, there’s only one place to go