trail rides

Trail rides are 1 and 1.5 hours in length.

For the 1 hour trail ride ages 6-14 $50.00, 14 and older $59.60.

The max Weight is 240 lb,( but we can see what we can do.)

Minimum 1 rider and maximum 5 riders possible right now.

Pony rides

Pony rides will be provided on event days like open farm days, and birthday parties.

Sleigh rides

Sleigh rides are weather dependent and only during winter month.

Wagon rides

Wagon rides are bookable under


Age: The minimum age for trail rides is 6 years.
Weight: The maximum allowed weight on a horse is 240 pounds. 

Assumption of Risk and Permission Form: Must be completed and signed form by a parent or legal guardian is required before a child can participate in a pony ride. Before leaving for the trail ride all participants must fill out a risk and permission form.


Closed-toe shoes must be worn. Open-toe shoes and flip-flops are not allowed.


The certified horse-riding helmet is mandatory and will be provided by the Farm. Bringing your own helmet is allowed. Helmets are routinely inspected and cleaned.


Long comfortable pants are recommended as the saddle can get warm in summer months and to prevent scrapes, rubs, or skin irritation.

Cancellation of current ride:

The farm reserves the right to cancel any pony ride at its discretion if the safety of the horse, workers, children, or public is of any concern.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure your time slot can begin on time and your prepared for the orientation and ride to begin.

*ride time not extended due to latecomers.