Organic Meat

Organic Meat

We sell all kinds of pork cuts, fresh from the butcher.

Freaking good homemade smoked bacon, hams, and sausage is what we are offering. And don’t forget about homemade world-famous BBQ sauce. For the season, we are selling meat chicken, homemade BBQ chicken, and delicious eggs. Additionally, we are selling ducks, geese, and rabbits. Organic, no antibiotics, and farm-raised.

Our pigs are born at our ranch until they are old enough to go out to our bush farm. The pigs are raised naturally on five acres of bush, without antibiotics and chemicals. That means we are raising organic pork. Get your healthiest pork meat at our farm or at the farmer’s markets.

Premium Farm raised Pork

 Grass-Fed Pork

Our pork is fantastic. At the market, the best we could find Pigs are raised on a 5 acres of bush pasture

So we started our own farm raising organic fedno-soy heritage breed hogs. No growth drugsno gross sup-therapeutic antibiotics, no gestation crates. The difference was astounding.


Premium Grass raised Rabbit

Whole Rabbit pasture-raised in Alberta. Perfect for a roast or stew for any gathering. Rabbit meat is light, tender, lean, and finely textured, and works well with many recipes, in any season.

The rabbits are nice and tender without having a gamey taste. Bake, fry, braise, or boil it. It’s delicious!
Rabbits are raised on the ground with tons of fresh grass